Friday, 20 May 2011

Ramping it up!

Rojo Semillas Necklace - £15.00
Cordon Bracelet - £15.00
Well, I'm not sure how other people feel about Fair Trade Jewellery but we LOVE IT!! At Con-fused Arts, we believe that Fair Trade Jewellery is bold, bright and on trend!  As well as, a love for helping those close to home and overseas, I personally love colours, different cultures and getting to know people.  After taking some time off to enjoy the role of a new mum, I am ready to ramp up the presence of Con-fused Arts here in Aberdeen and all over UK. 

Being a lover of writing lists, I indulged myself this week, thinking this would be the perfect occasion! One small step towards this, was designing more flyers, which has now been done and am just waiting on them from Vistaprint ! I am also very excited to be having a stall at the RGU Wonderland Fashion Show in aid of Archie Foundation, on 27th May, this is a real chance to show people that Fair Trade Jewellery is worthy of the catwalk. Next on the list is to revamp the appearance of our stall, to enhance our beautiful handmade jewellery!

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