Sunday, 30 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend Update

London Fashion Weekend update....

Eco specialists were gearing up at London Fashion Weekend to discuss the 'relevance of sustainable fashion in our current climate' with a Vodaphone lounge panel including fashion writer and presenter Angela Scanlon, Filipo De Castro (From Somewhere) and Jocelyn Wipple (Element 23). The eco event got me thinking about sustainable fashion and brands that have revolved their lines and campaigns around it, with People Tree firstly popping into my head.

Eco and fair trade fashion has become a trend within its own right and now there are hundreds of brilliant boutiques and brands that are offering great pieces including clothing and accessories. One of those, a local to me, is Con-fused Arts.

Con-fused arts, an on line fair-trade jewellery and accessories boutique, offers some great bold statement pieces in addition some really quirky cute items. I did a bit of browsing on the brand's website and came across these earrings, see the pic above, but check out the website to find loads of other bits and bobs....Con-fused Arts.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Yummy tea!

   Well, there are not many things that beat a good cup of tea! Whether it is on your own when the wee one has gone for a nap or meeting up with your friends, a cuppa really is just fabulous. It really can be 5min of bliss, I am sure many of you agree. That's why I wanted to tell about these gorgeous Clipper Organic Assam teabags I was fortunate to win in a hamper.

They are Fairtrade (big tick from me) and are of very good quality. I have heard people say in the past that they thought Fairtrade tea and coffee was of poor quality. Oh, how times have changed! Right, off for a cuppa.

Pam x

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Although it may not be in our mission statement, Con-fused Arts is passionate about women's self-esteem and wellbeing. You ARE worth it, no matter what you have been told in the present or past. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and don't forget it!

Having a busy life myself and being everything from a mother, a wife, a daughter, an employee and a small business owner - some may think I dont have a second to myself. My secret is to take a few minutes here and there - I regularly spend an extra few minutes in the bathroom. When I make that much needed cup of coffee, I just AM, listening to the kettle boil, watching the spoon swirl round in the cup. When I sink into bed, I take a few minutes to be thankful for the day, for food and drink, for shelter, for freedom of speech - the list goes on.

Whatever it is, try take a few minutes each day to recharge before the chaos starts all over again!