Thursday, 13 September 2012


Although it may not be in our mission statement, Con-fused Arts is passionate about women's self-esteem and wellbeing. You ARE worth it, no matter what you have been told in the present or past. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and don't forget it!

Having a busy life myself and being everything from a mother, a wife, a daughter, an employee and a small business owner - some may think I dont have a second to myself. My secret is to take a few minutes here and there - I regularly spend an extra few minutes in the bathroom. When I make that much needed cup of coffee, I just AM, listening to the kettle boil, watching the spoon swirl round in the cup. When I sink into bed, I take a few minutes to be thankful for the day, for food and drink, for shelter, for freedom of speech - the list goes on.

Whatever it is, try take a few minutes each day to recharge before the chaos starts all over again!

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