Thursday, 28 April 2011

Great! Now you can see Con-fused Arts Fair Trade
Jewellery out and about in UK. The first two photos are of Kate Dunn and the Redunndants in Newcastle last Sunday. All the girl's jewellery comes from Con-fused Arts and you could own some too.  Our jewellery looks great with many different outfits. See how versatile it is and how it can be worn!
Kate Dunn was very impressed with our jewellery and said today on FaceBook "The service was exceptional, the jewellery you chose for us was gorgeous and
arrived in perfect time for the event x"
Our Fair Trade Jewellery has also been used in photo shoots and fashion shows! You can catch us next at RGU Annual Fashion show, 7pm on 27th May at RGU Business School.  Promises to be a great night! We will have a stall and our jewellery will also be modelled with clothes from high street stores in Bon Accord Centre for a SAFARI feel!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

The early mornings were too much....

Now that I have your attention, I just thought I would tell you about a great family day coming up on 21st May. It's a DOUBLE celebration at Lochwinnoch, not only is it the annual regatta at  Castle Semple Rowing Club but it is also their 40th birthday!! Con-fused Arts are happy to be donating some gorgeous Fair Trade Jewellery for their raffle along with great prizes from others.  All proceeds will go into the vital running of the club, buying equipment and expanding the club - this is  ALL done by volunteers!

As to the title of this blog - well, I did once have my dabbling in the sport of rowing during my first year at undergrad uni but to be honest the early saturday mornings up in Belfast were not enticing enough. Oh for the less responsible days of youth, yes, I picked my bed over the rowing, freezing water, sore muscles, hauling boats in and out of the river. So, I take my hat off in admiration to the dedication of all those volunteers who run Castle Semple RC.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Fashion show

Hi, well we are excited to be part of a very successful and high profile fashion event in the Grampian area of Scotland next month.  Robert Gordon's University are holding their annual fashion show "Wonderland fashion Show 2011 " which helps raise money for the Archie Foundation . The Archie Foundation makes a real difference to the lives of the children at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. We are pleased to be having a stall at this event on 27th May at 7pm at RGU Business School. It will be great to meet with people, have a chat and watch a great fashion show at the same time! Not bad going! It's great not only to get OUR name out there but to let people know more about Fair Trade Jewellery.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Better in Real Life

I have had lots of people say to me in the last year, oh my goodness the Fair Trade jewellery is even more stunning than what it looks on the website. Even last week, Kate Dunn from Kate and the Redunndants she e-mailed saying "the jewellery arrived this morning and it looks even more stunning in real life"! Gosh, when we do stalls and exhibitions, our tables are basically cleaned out by the time we are finished! One way of combatting this is by getting photos of real ladies wearing our Fair Trade jewellery for website, this way you can see how trendy, versatile and unique our jewellery is. Well, roll on the 24th April, when Kate and the Redunndants will be wearing our jewellery during the area finals of Live and Unsigned UK 2011 in Newcastle!  Best of luck guys!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Music in Style

Well, this a wee bit of history for us!! The first ever blog for Con-fused Arts woohoo!  We have lots of exciting things going on at the minute but in particular our Fair Trade jewellery has just arrived with Kate of Kate and the Redunndants. They are an "up and coming band" and are through to the area finals of Live and Unsigned  UK which will be held in Newcastle on 24th April. It is so exciting to show off not only our gorgeous jewellery but our gorgeous FAIR TRADE jewellery. We are passionate about showing that Fair Trade is also fashion conscious and doesn't have to COST THE EARTH!  No pun intended! hee hee.