Monday, 9 May 2011

Our Saturday!

Although the rain did not stay away as I had hoped for, we still had a great afternoon out last Saturday. Walking through the International Market in Aberdeen, we were greeted with wonderful smells and gorgeous sights. I felt like a cartoon where I was floating along following the global aromas! I wasn't quite sure what happened in that short space of time but one minute I was happily confident that a £20 note would see me to the end of the stalls. 

Not a chance, by the time I got to the end of the market I had an empty purse, some French tartiflette, Spanish Paella, French cherries, Mediterranean stuffed peppers and olives oh and an empty tray that was home to some sumptious Dutch pancakes and Nutella! But sure, if hubby doesn't see the empty wrapper, it's like I never had them in the first place, right?

Although all the food stalls got me salivating, one stall in particular llit my heart up - it was Zuri Design - FAIR TRADE Jewellery, handbags and accessories from Kenya. I was so excited to see so many gorgeous things in one place and all handmade and from Africa ( A continent I love). Within a few seconds I realised I sell Zuri Design products, at the minute we have a gorgeous necklace and bracelet which can be sort together or separately! The necklace is £10.50 and the bracelet is only £6.50!

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