Thursday, 9 February 2012

Just like Christmas cards that we can re-cycle or pass on to others, we can also re-cycle used stamps that we receive on our mail.  Great if you already do this, but not everyone is aware of the good we can do.

It woudl just take a few minutes to cut out the stamps from envelopes and packages (I actually look forward to the therapeutic activity of neatly cutting round stamps), store them and after you have collected a few, they can be sent to various charities.

It obviously depends where your heart lies but there are animal charities such as, Hearing Dogs are taking used stamps CLICK HERE. Other animal charities include RNIB  and RSPB Save the Albatross.

Medical charities include Brittle Bone Society and Leukaemia Care. All these charities will ask you to separate UK stamps and foreign  stamps and send them separately.  As I have a lot more UK stamps, I send those ones away more often and then wait longer until I gather up enough foreign stamps to make it worthwhile sending!

Happy neat cutting (ha ha maybe I need help!) 


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