Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fitnut, Fit NUTS!

This is more of a personal post as opposed to Con-fused Arts but at the end of this, I should be fitter and more energetic which can only benefit Con-fused Arts!! This month I signed up to a 12wk Fitnut Charity Challenge.  At the beginning, you get an assessment which checks your weight, height, blood pressure, waist measurement, body composition, strength , flexibility and aerobic capacity.  To be honest, I wasn't actually TOO surprised with the results. Flexibility, BMI  and strength - fine, body composition could be improved a bit, aerobic capacity - abyssmal - back of the class, in fact go and stand outside the headmaster's office!

That's the bad bit, good bit is that apparently the aerobic capacity is one of the easier bits to improve on! So far this week, I have been marching on the outdoor steps like a lunatic, taking the stairs and not the lift! Still thinking of cake though! Oh and apparently I will get a pesonalised exercise plan via e-mail in the next few days so I am interested to see what they have in store for me. My young daughter may well come in handy as a weight!

Basically, this is a way of me passing on any useful tips that I discover along the way and also as I have now told you about it, there is NO backing out!!  ha ha!

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