Friday, 14 March 2014

I have to do something about it!

Well ladies, something has just occurred to me and I have to do something about it! I am just wondering if anyone else has the same issue.  It's my jewellery storage/display (or lack there of) techniques, ha ha. Most jewellery is stored away in lovely boxes. I am definitely beginning to think that "out of sight, out of mind" also applies to my jewellery.  I know that I probably only wear about 5-10% of my jewellery when there is no eye candy to get my creative juices flowing ;) Does this sound familiar?

So my mission is to have my jewellery beautifully displayed (using LITTLE or NO MONEY) in our bedroom using not very much space :). You see, I love jewellery because whether I am having a good day or bad day, jewellery is there to brighten me up! If I am having a thin day or podgy day, jewellery fits me regardless :) 

MY STEP A- Go through jewellery and see what can go to charity! Join me again soon and see how I am getting on! Maybe you could join me and send some photos of how you store your jewellery!

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