Saturday, 11 January 2014

Life long lessons learnt in 2013 (warts and all)!

A little late, I know but Happy New Year everyone!  I wanted to wish you a very happy, healthy 2014 and also to share with you what I learnt in 2013 (warts and all) and how those lessons will stay with me forever!

I guess the one thing that made the biggest impact was the passing of my mum late August last year.  When her cancer came back with a bang in April last year, I felt so dizzy and shaken up but little did I know that a few months later mum would no longer be here to laugh or smile with and talk to. I couldn't imagine that my life could continue. What made it worse was my father-in-law passed away two months before my mum did. However, this is where I slowly smile, I have been taught how precious every day is and how utterly precious my family is. I remember how positive my mum was through everything she got thrown at her, how she took each day as it came and how her sense of humour always lightened the conversation. I have been shown how strong I am when I didn't think my life could continue without my mum in it. Maybe some of you know how this feels.

Through our difficult times in 2013, I have connected with many lovely ladies (and some guys) online who are so supportive of Con-fused Arts and even more lovely, they are people who know what it is like to be a working mum running your own business and all that comes with it. In particular, Charlie from Sophia's Choice who offer a fabulous range of natural and organic products for the whole family, Sharon from Miss Beau Bangles who sells a great range of ethical, eco-chic fashion accessories and Andrea from O So Beautiful  who sells gorgeous good quality beauty products from Oriflame (all the way from Sweden) and Kendall from Kindness by Design who is constantly inspiring me with new ethical clothing/designers and much more. Thank you ladies for your conversations, support and encouragement!

So having left 2013 behind, I look back with very fond memories of my mum when she was well and her normal independent self but not so fond memories of the months before she passed. However, I am more determined than ever to look forward and make the most of everyday I am blessed with and I am more passionate than ever about empowering women around the world. 2014 promises to be a flourishing year, a year of new gorgeous ethical jewellery and perhaps branching out in other areas. A year of blogs, guest blogs, teaming up with other ethical businesses and most importantly FUN!

With all that 2013 taught me, I am ready to embrace 2014 with less worry, more determination, more focus, more patience and more love! What has 2013 taught you?

Pam x


  1. Aww lovely Pam xx What a lovely post. I can so empathise with your loss lovely lady. I can't say it gets easier to accept but I do know that my Mum is with me in everything I do leading me in the right direction. Their presence never leaves you. Thank you so much for the mention. Something tells me we will be working together a lot over the next year. I'm keen to have you blog over on Sophia's Choice blog so let's make that happen. Wishing you and your lovely family a fabulous 2014. Blessed to know you xx

  2. Dearest Pam - I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum and your Father-in-Law! My deepest condolences x

    Thank you so very much for the lovely mention - it really makes a big difference to know that Kindness by Design is making even a small positive impact :)

    Here's to an amazing 2014!!!! :D

    KB xo