Saturday, 3 November 2012

Skills NOT just for the CV!

Well, ladies to say the last few months have been a steep but interesting learning curve is an understatement however I am glad to announce that as a result, Con-fused Arts and my personal life have a clearer, more focussed vision for the future! I have been reading inspirational e-books, quotes and reports and am currently doing a "training program" with Claire from "The Girls Mean Business" (a very knowledgable lady with both great business and life skills).  We have also re-launched our website -, you are sure to love it!

Con-fused Arts, however, is not just about jewellery and style but about your self-esteem, confidence and proactively bettering all our lives. Now, I want to share with you five skills that are helping me in the right direction in all aspects of my life;
  • BREAKING DOWN TASKS into bite sized chunks. We all have busy lives, whether it be running our own businesses, working day jobs, having kids, looking after elderly or disabled relatives or all four, sometimes we just don't have the energy to face those daunting tasks. Break them down and see what can be done today! You will feel so much better for it!
  • BUSINESS VISION, BUSINESS PLANS AND A MARKETING PLAN may sound really professional and scary but they don't have to be and can be tailored for your own needs. Once I had these done, a fog had lifted and now I know what I am doing month by month for the next year. You could also apply this to your everyday life
  • YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND ALL DAY on FACEBOOK, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbled Upon (you get the idea!) Decide what you need to do on there. Do it and then get on with the next thing!
  • BE A LITTLE BIT SELFISH SOMETIMES! As with running a business, in everyday life, you need to take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and be the best you can!
  • BE OPEN TO HELP - It's ok to admit you don't know everything! We all have to start somewhere and weren't born with the skills and knowledge we now have.Whether it be running your own business, a project at work, a personal/family issue - be open to help. 
Thanks for reading ladies, believe it or not you have taken a moment to yourself just by reading this post!
    Love and peace, Pam x


  1. Love it - good snippets of advice here :o)

  2. Thanks Emma, much appreciated. I do try :)